Maple Sugar Candy



Maple Candy – an all natural candy.!

Maple syrup candy is the perfect gift for any occasion. We have something for everyone–from a sweet treat for yourself, to gifts for friends, family members, holidays, mail orders, birthdays and other special occasions. We sell our maple syrup candy in a variety of sizes.  We can also create custom orders of bagged or bulk candy for parties, corporate gifts or wedding favors

Our maple candy is made by boiling Light Amber Maple Syrup to remove additional water from the syrup and to encourage sugar crystals to form.  Once sugar crystals  form, the syrup is then removed from the heat and cooled for just a bit before pouring into traditional maple leaf shaped molds.  From there it is packaged for resale.  Our awarding winning maple candy has a semi-soft melt in your mouth texture and is freshly made on a weekly basis.  Our not so perfect pieces are packaged into bulk containers for the same deliciousness but at a cheaper price – they may be broken or not fully shaped – but still guaranteed the same great taste.

While we ship candy year round, during the summer months it may be necessary to ship with food safe ice packs. Additional fee may apply.


If you should find candy elsewhere that is cheaper, be cautious. Sometimes maple producers make candy that dries out quickly, and sometimes it's "blended" candy (which generally contains corn syrup) and not pure maple. Our maple candy is always moist "melt-in-your-mouth", 100% pure maple, and never blended - - and always guaranteed fresh.