Maple Sugar - An all natural sweetener!

Maple Sugar - An all natural sweetener!

Maple Sugar – an all natural sweetener!

Maple Sugar is a delicious all-natural, unbleached, unrefined alternative to white or brown sugar.  Once you start using pure maple sugar, you'll wonder why you ever used white sugar in the first place.  Maple Sugar contains no additives or preservatives and has only one ingredient - Dark Amber Maple Syrup. . It is produced by boiling pure maple syrup to an extremely high temperature to concentrate the sugars.  It is then removed from the heat and the stirring process begins.  After much stirring, it is then placed into a sifter machine to help refine the sugar particles into smaller and more consistent granules.

Considering it takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make just one gallon of pure maple syrup, and then the syrup is further heated and concentrated to make pure maple sugar, it's understandable that it's more expensive then mass-produced granulated white table sugar. But there's just something about that delicious maple flavor that makes pure maple sugar well worth the price!  It is indeed a luxury specialty food that is thankfully still affordable. When you consider all the work that goes into producing pure maple syrup, which in turn is further boiled and reduced into pure maple sugar, it's shocking to see this product even offered these days. From maple tree sap to sugar... amazing! Certainly there are other sugars and refined sweeteners on store shelves that are cheaper, but what are the health implications. One thing we can be certain of, when we sweeten our coffee and other foods with pure maple sugar, it's naturally healthy. 

Maple Sugar can keep for several years if stored in a relatively dry location.  Should any clumps appear, leave container open in the refrigerator for a day or two to draw in moisture. 


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