About Us

Tell us a little bit about how you chose your business name –

Doodle’s is simply a childhood nickname – When Steve, a/k/a Doodle's, was growing up, he could never sit still.  His family says he always had to be doing something.   Syrup making was just something for us to do outside in the springtime when there really isn't anything else going on - The days start getting a little bit warmer and the sun is staying up longer.  We never dreamed this ‘hobby’ would turn into a full-time family business.  Now, after 20+ years, Doodle's still can’t sit still.

What is the history of your business?

In 1998, we purchased a small Amish farm in central Michigan with the sole purpose of enjoying life in the country.  As if remodeling our un-modernized house wasn’t enough, we decided to give making maple syrup a try.  Our first year netted us just over a gallon of syrup.  From there, you could say we were hooked.  We have continuously grown throughout the years by increasing the number of trees that we tap as well as securing more and more markets to sell our syrup.  Today, you can find our syrup in over 200 grocery stores in the Southeastern Michigan and Northern Ohio area.  You can also enjoy our maple syrup at several fine restaurants throughout southern Michigan and the Chicago area.

Who makes your business run?

Our customers – Without you, our business would not be as successful or as exciting as it is.  We have enjoyed getting to know so many of you and have continued to expand our operation as our customer base continues to grow.

Tell us about your products and what makes them unique.

Maple syrup is an all-natural, pure and un-adultered product.  It is solely derived from the sap of a sugar maple tree.  Nothing is added – just water is evaporated away from the sap leaving a concentrated sweetener.   What else can you get from mother nature at that level! 

Maple syrup has all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.  It can also satisfy your sweet tooth – in a healthy way. 

As far as our value added products, we carry the largest variety of maple products in the state.  We are continuously trying to make new products and create new ways for you to experience maple syrup.

Can you share a fun fact about your products/business?

It’s amazing really when you think about it - maple syrup is derived solely  from a tree.  


Where can you find our products