About Maple

Mother Nature knows best when it comes to maple syrup. Maple syrup is one simple ingredient – the sap of the maple tree. Pure maple syrup is entirely natural and essentially wild – a thoroughly wholesome sweetener straight from the forest to your table.

Non-Organic maple syrup vs. Organic maple syrup

We've been asked more than a few times lately, is your maple syrup Organic? The short answer is no. We have not gone through the certification process to make our syrup legally certified as Organic. However, the difference between Organic and Non-Organic maple syrup is quite basic. It is true that not all maple syrup is certified Organic, but generally all maple syrup is made in the same way. Maple trees are tapped and sap is collected and boiled. Non-Organic and Organic maple syrup producers are both required to have a state license and be inspected annually by the USDA to maintain this license. This state/USDA inspection is necessary to insure that the syrup is processed and handled in a safe, sanitary and legal manner. The Organic Certification takes one more inspection by an Organic inspector who goes over many of the same USDA guidelines with a few additions.

  • No chemicals or pesticides are used on the trees or in the general area.
  • Records must be kept as to when and where each drop of Organic syrup was made.
  • Tree maintenance and health are considered by enforcing tapping guidelines for the producer and their trees.

This added inspection and record keeping is really what makes the difference between Organic and Non-Organic Certified Pure Maple Syrup.

At Doodle's Sugarbush, LLC, we pledge to you that our Non-Organic maple syrup is made without any chemicals or pesticides; we keep careful records of when are where each drop of our syrup was made and the health of our sugarbush is of the upmost importance to us. Without healthy trees, the quality of our sap would decline and as a result our syrup would loose it's amazing flavor. While it is true that the Organic Inspection verifies these practices are actually taking place, we hope that you'll trust in our small business to know that we've been following best maple syrup practices since we began over 25 years ago. 

We promise, when you buy Doodle's Maple Syrup, you'll be getting the best quality syrup and we guarantee it 100%.


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