Maple Bacon Jam
Maple Bacon Jam
Maple Bacon Jam
Maple Bacon Jam

Doodle's Sugarbush, LLC


This sweet and savory jam is a versatile condiment that makes an excellent addition to a charcuterie tray and so much more. So easy to make and completely irresistible!  Here are some great ways we use the jam . . . 

  • On a charcuterie tray with an assortment of meats, cheeses, crackers, and nuts.
  • Spooned over cream cheese with crackers.
  • As a hamburger spread (Bacon Jam Burgers – oh my!). Try adding a little crumbled blue cheese (totally swoon-worthy).
  • Add a light smear to your next grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Spread it on toasted bread with avocado for the best darned avocado toast of your life.
  • Spoon it on toasted English muffins and top with scrambled or poached eggs for an unforgettable breakfast.

It is delicious chilled, at room temperature or microwave it for a minute and serve it slightly warm.

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