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Maple Cream a/k/a Maple Spread or Maple Butter

Maple Cream – an all-natural treat!

Maple Cream is a sweet all-natural treat and often referred to as a magical wonder!  In other parts of the world, it is also known as maple butter – Don’t be fooled, however, as there is no butter or cream in it.  The only ingredient is our finest Light Amber maple syrup.  It is made by heating the syrup to a high temperature and then immediately plunging it into a cold water bath.  Once it has cooled, it is then whipped into a smooth consistency by a special machine.  Tiny crystals form and grow as it is being churned, and eventually the maple syrup is converted into a soft, spreadable wonder and can be used right out of the jar.

Because maple cream contains no additives or preservatives, it should be kept refrigerated upon arrival.  Maple cream can even be stored in the freezer for a longer storage life.  Some people even prefer to store it in the freezer for a sinfully delicious spoonful here and there.  If separation should occur, it is perfectly normal and will in no way effect the flavor.  Simply stir back in to its original consistency. 

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